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Monday, May 19

Bukit Tinggi =)

Long long ago, i was about to go to Bukit Tinggi with my family for holiday but failed. My first impression before stepping onto the so called "high hill" was... "wah... the building so authentic~ and the weather seems cold." Therefore, i went to Bukit Tinggi on last Saturday with my housemates early in the morning. =D haha! God knows. It was kinda hot. And we sweated like mad. ==" Bukit Tinggi is a good place to hang out actually. It can let you enjoy great scenery with the French themed resort. Plus, there's Japanese Village and Rabbit Park as well. Haha! We went to B.T with shuttle van through Timesquare. Transportation money and entrance fee were inclusive in that rm51. ^^
way to go man!
Japanese Village
Of course, it was blended well with Japanese culture. Provides kimono service (Japanese wear) and tonnes of good place for photo shootings. For those camwhores, i think you need to rent the kimono for more than half an hour lo. Hehe! Coz kimono costs rm20 for only half an hour. ==" There's also pond with Koi. Yeaa. The kois are super big lo! -_-" Donno what the authority feed them all. ==" Lots of greenery in sight. Very beautiful i would say. I love it! ^^ Being with nature with Japan flavour. =)
a very classic and Japan resembled wooden signboard.
Japenese Village directory board
an auspicious sign
the girls =) do i have to explain how hot it was?
The Japanese Restaurant which sells Udon Mee in rm38+

Another attraction would be the Botanical Garden. I longed for these kinda places for ages. Haha. =) Variety of flowers. Very colourful and it indeed brighten up our days. A great place to take photos. ^^ But it was kinda hot and heaty. Sweated a lot a lot after walking up and down the garden to see flora... luckily there was a lot of benches for us to sit plus those shady places with trees. =) Gotta see the little little huts, ponds, streams and jungle. ==" Haha!

me and the signboard
us! ^^
flowers and us! ^^
took a rest at the look out point inside the Botanical Garden
the girls with the tiny lil white flowers
I like this pic a lot... ^^
Largest orchid- but we disagree totally @_@"
similar with the dragon fruit?
a bit like the ancestor of morning glory, donno what's its' name.
donno its' name as well. just call it yellow flower. LOL.
Next, it's the Japanese Culture House where kimono service is provided. We rented 6 kimono suit and one samurai suit. Hehe! ^^ Very funny at first coz really gotta tied up your waist and i could hardly breathe... haha! nah... just exaggerating. Haha! Taking pics with kimono needs to be very lady-like. ==" It was kinda solemn and serious at first. But later, aiya... who cares?! Craziness invaded us. Haha! A lot of interesting photos were taken by Kwang a.k.a best cameraman of the team. hehe! A lot of artistic pics taken by him. Haha! Splashing water lar... posed here and there lar... bow like Japanese lar... ; The water was super icy cold. =)The funny incident was, there's a Malay uncle asked us whether we're from Japan or not. Sweatzzz us! -_-" He made fun of us by saying "toyota, honda...", then i replied him " Suzuki, mitsubishi and proton wira!!" =X Everyone was laughing all the way. @@" Later, walked around the place and saw bamboo area... haha! Very beautiful. At that moment, i thought all of us were like pandas. haha! ^^ Beside the bamboo area, it was SPA. Haha! Of course, it will cost you a bomb. -_-"

do you like this pic? I LOVE IT!
pro photographer! hehe! F.O.C.
a good place for photo!
okie... a bit obscence.. but very cute! haha!
playing water from the "stream"
yay! Welcome! =="
like anak patung... =="
hiakk! Our butts! ==" Opps!
wanna fight?! =D Come!
a new starfish imported from Japan. =)
bamboo and us! ^^
Colmar Tropical
-in front of the entrance-
pointing at joshua~
yeahh! Finally i got the chance to come here!

The famous French themed resort. Very beautiful and romantic. Gotta see a diff culture. Well, it is a great place for us to take pics as well. The food was... eh-hem... blast! expensive! -_-" We were so exhausted... thought of finding a cheaper place for lunch. -_-" Passed by a western restaurant, the french fries was damn fragrant! Potato'ish!!! But it was toooooo expensive, thus we went off. In the end, ended up a not so filling fried rice which costed me rm9 at another restaurant. -_-" a must-blog-thing is... Joshua had watermelon juice for rm11.50! @@" then, the funniest thing was... the juice was sooooooooo little. The glass was so slim! @@" heartache. Haha! Hmmm... not delicious. Black-listed.

his agony while looking at the watermelon juice
lunch hour!
Haha! Then, headed to the tower to enjoy wind. A high place to take pics again. Gotta see different areas and perspectives of the other hills. Nice! Hehe! Accidentally saw a beehive near the hotel room's balcony too. Scared us! ==" So the big! I wonder the boss knows it or not. Next, watched performance. Basically, dancing. ==" Cowboy song, hollywood song... with music blasting into our ear drum. Very loud. x(^.^)x After that, we just walked around, sightseeing the places... took pics again... then departed with the shuttle van again.

a bit like toy
the girls first shot while getting down the van
we all inside the French Village =)
French structured buildings
Hello peeps! ^^

Too bad we had no more time and energy for Rabbit Park. ==" I thought that the place wasn't developed fully. Some places are still under construction. But definately a great place for eye-opening experience. ^^"
Mei was trying to imitate the tiredness in everyone.

Yeaa... so basically it was our little trip on last saturday. Although it was very real hot, but memories are always afresh in our mind. ^^ I miss the kimono suit. I miss the greenery. Most importantly, i miss the moment to be with my little family. It's always great to be with friends no matter where and when. =) But Bukit Tinggi is really just for once. If I were to go there again, i guess i'll be bored to death. hehe! Really enjoyable! Hope everyone of us had a great time! ^^ I guess we are! ==" Coz after browsing back all the photos, we all burst into hearty laughters! =) Hehe! Love you guys! ^^ Thank you for the beautiful memories. =)
byebye! ^^
Behind us was a "castle"... i thought it is a hotel or something

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yoketeng said...

wow.. syoknyer.. hehehe.. but the things there like quite expensive kan? anyway,you all look like you had fun =)