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Saturday, January 28

a cup of thoughts on Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year- a season where reunion of family and friends that meant more than anything to the Chinese community in Malaysia. More so for the families where all the generation gather. Every member marks down their attendance and get ready to feast in anyway we can :)

This year CNY, as usual, we ate, gathered, chat and laughed. As i grow older, i can feel that families really mean a lot. It doesn't matter about what great dish we're eating, but it's the people that make the dishes and the round table extraordinary. The elderly will always ask the young ones to eat more while the young ones will ask the elderly to eat together, don't just stand there and watch us eat :) How wonderful the scene is, isn't it?

As an easterners, especially Chinese, we do not know how to express emotion/feeling openly. We close ourselves up. Sometimes, we can only show actions. That's how it is. Chinese use a lot of reverse psychology too. When they said this is not good enough, they actually just want us to be better. Well, maybe we are in such culture that we are never good. Haha! Hmmm, this shall leave to my generation to give it a lil change.

Every family has story to tell. We play our own manuscript. What i want to say is that only family can provide unconditional love. There's nothing called trading of love. I believe i am blessed. Relatively, i am blessed with a good family. Parents love us unconditionally. They provide anything they can. I hope one day, i'll be able to contribute in anyway i can too because i believe it's time to do something about it.

There are few lessons learned in 2012 CNY. It was an emotional rush for me too. As i looked back my family and those folks at old folks home, i believe my family members are highly blessed because we never knew that one mandarin orange and a RM2 angpao could mean so much to others. This year round, i learned to be contented in life even more. I learned to love others. I learned that friends can mean so much too because they're my loyal supporters in anywhere they are. I learned that my friends' families also mean a lot because the families too, know us well. The bond and tie can always be strengthen with mutual effort.

As this season draws closer to an end, no matter what it is, family is still a family. Friends are still a good bunch. God gives us a family to love and be loved. God gives us people to love. We gotta cherish it and accept it. As i read a book today, i've also learned that forgiveness is such a beautiful virtue. When we forgive others, we too, forgive ourselves. Give some leeway to people to breathe. All in all, we only can live once. Do not live in the dark because we can alwaysl tilt our heads to see the sun :)

Happy Chinese New Year, folks! :)

Thursday, January 26

season is here

A friend of mine used to share the idea of "seasonal friend". I believe some of you might have heard about this term. I was quite against the philosophy behind it but now i realised actually it's quite natural. It's just like how a season starts to change, so does a relationship in life.

I used to tell my friend that it takes two hands to clap because that's how the world is. Everyone is relational to each other. As i was chatting with my other friend a while ago, she said let's take it easy and we shall strike a balance in relationship. If this doesn't work, it just does not work. Hmmm, very well said. Being a stubborn me, i am perseverance. I persevere on things that i hold strongly.

Then flash thoughts came to my mind recently that i really do not mind about this anymore. In fact, i was worried why i don't. Then i realised, i think i am tired of this. I don't like to have seasonal friendships. I want to be sincere. I want to be proactive. At the same time, i guess part of me wanted to be loved as well. The more you give, the more you feel tired because you do not even know how to make an expectation anymore. It serves like a bonus when there is and we have to move on if there's no bonus to gain.

Let the nature take the course :) I had surrender this onto Him and i believe one day, He will answer.

Tuesday, January 24

angelic for 15 mins

How about being an angel publicly during birthday? :) Ever believe in karma? like doing something bad and u'll get bad in return? :) Now this is my showtime! :)

Bunch of colleague humiliated me at public and making me an angel to get 5 signatures from people!!!!! *low self-esteem. drawing circles at one corner.*

ANYWAY! I had fun! =) I love to speak to people. So, this challenge is still alright for me :) Not very humiliating but it's very memorable. Thank you(s) for creating an "impact" in my life. I think i'll only return to Pavilion after half a year =p

the two evils at the back healping me to tie my hair like a retarded girl!


the two who drove me to pavilion -.-"

saying wanted to eat dinner with me -.-"

this mummy was super sporting. She signed for me and told me it's her daughter's birthday too! haha! :D

the last 2 girls who signed this :)

cupcake treats at The Loaf.

for the 6 of us :)

Thank you for spending the night with me. I had fun! U guys just wait for ur turn ok? :) I'll be back fully charged! :D

the gifts

i realised, birthday has becoming less and less significant as years go by. Come on, i am still young. -.-" As always, i made wishes. Less wishes made this year round too :) I guess i had summarized them all, if not by the time i finished, people around me will be gone and the candles will melt. =) Thank you all for the birthday celebration and the gifts.

Mimi always like to hide gifts at somewhere that i don't get to see :) Thanks for the watch although there was a lil casualty. Haha! Appreciate your time and effort. May both of us continue to grow in our friendships with endless "time"- since u gave me a watch :)

A letter and a cheque from my great friend from Muar- Hui Ru. I realised now we're more like a pen-pal ady. Haha! :) Thanks Huiru, it really came as a huge surprise when i reached home. Thanks for the cheque for the old folks home :)

An angpao from Grandma.

Old people do not fancy gift but likes to give angpao as a blessing.

Treasure it =)

a lipgloss from my aunt :)

i like the colour! =) Natural :D

Another surprise on 1st day of CNY from my cousin.

The package consists of a set of prayer cards and a set of biblical emotion cards which i think it's so so useful! :) Really appreciate it, Veronica! :')

My sis knocked the door and came in dancing with the birthday card.

Hahahhaa! Thanks for the o-bit card. Love the message =)
Family is always the one who remembers you.
Friends too :)

Thanks all for the wishes. Appreciate u guys!
Without u all, i am nothing while standing tall here as a 26 year old young woman. :)

Meaningful Birthday

A special birthday for me. More so for me, i believe it's a moment that i felt it so much at home someday in few months ago that i believe it's a calling for me to fulfill one of my life missions. "Life helps lives. Life touches lives. Life loves the lives of others."

To initiate and organize it wasn't tough but it was the coordination part that challenged me lot. As i looked back and reflected the process with the moment when my hands were held by those old folks, i am telling myself and God that it was worthy all along. It was and will be worthy. This moment you might see them but who knows the next round we revisit, people will be different already.

Sometimes, it isn't always about money, it isn't always about what's the return, it isn't always about we being busy, but it is just to fork out a few hours of our time, or even just a few minutes for these abandoned ones. Physical appearance meant so much. It's enough to see the wrinkled faces lit up by happiness and joy. It's enough for them to find some young faces to chat and it's more than enough for them to feel themselves as a parent to some of us (just for that few secs), for them to give us some strokes of hair, for them to give advice like a mum or dad. It is also reasonable for us to put words into action for the community.

I was happy because my minimum expectation was made. A friend was rightly mentioned that not a lot of people are of the same direction. Therefore, I didn't even dare to make a great expectation. All i know is we still can start somewhere, especially we, the Canossian Convent girls should do a lil bit more further than the rest because apart from the old folks, it is also about the caregivers (the sisters) that we could visit. Start small. Give a lil bit more. That's all they need and that's also what we can do :)

Psalm 18: 28-29 - "You, O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light. With your help I can advance against a troop; with my God I can scale a wall."

It was a special birthday that i created for myself, first time ever.

Happy Birthday :)

p/s: The photo above was a surprise souvenir from one of the sisters. Appreciate it.

Saturday, January 7

a pot of thoughts

it's just a beginning of the year and i have much thoughts over some events of life that i thought it was important to me.

disappointment strikes and i realised i couldn't comprehend this feeling well enough. yes, i am blessed with people around that i can rant about, but the disappointed feeling in someone important is simply indescribable. i do not want to blame but to embrace the change. i guess through embracing this stagnant yet changing r'ship, i could feel much better. i mind the passive you. i mind. maybe u are not aware or i looked too ok with it. my bad. well, we ought to move on. it might be greener from the other end. that's what dr. tun said, if you care, u'll be hurt. true.

Tuesday, January 3

My Top 10 Resolutions

I am a greedy freak. I've a list of top 10 resolutions to be fulfilled this year.

1. To explore every possibility with the resources given.
2. To practice counselling skills learned
3. To improve my training skills for students
4. To understand the market for development programme
5. To continue to spead the seeds of love to the less fortunate
6. To understand the financial status and to capitalize it.
7. To do something special and extra beyond working zone
8. To be independent and to learn up more new things.
9. To know God, seek God and trust God through his Words.
10. To love and be loved.

Hey 2012!

The year 2011 travels like the speed of light. I do not remember when I really stopped and caught a good breath. All I knew was time flies :D Lotsa changes happened in 2011. It was a good change for me somehow. Physically changed to an environment which I am happily staying now :) Accepted God a day before Easter and accepted Him as the heavenly Father. God is so good because He hears me, my prayers and He guided me without fail. 2011 was also a special ones where by study journey began. I can't say it was perfectly easy, neither was it a hard one. All i can say is it has been a hectic ones :) Got the chance to travel to Krabi, an island that i would want to revisit if i could. Many people had passed by my life that left a heavy footprint. Those life angels that came to my life was indeed the greatest blessing that i could ever ask for.

Thank you Lord for everything, for my family, for my great friends, for the colleagues and for everyone around me. It is YOU, YOU and YOU that made my 2011 a worthy year to live in. =)

Thursday, December 22

SDCU Retreat 2011

It's SDCU Retreat for real! =) It was an interesting gathering with... insects, animals and jungle for 3 days 2 nights! Haha! =) Managed to see fireflies that lit the jungle like christmas tree :) It was indeed a greater one as compared to the previous round when i went. Nevertheless, the fee has increased drastically. -_-"
The six of us that made up the firefly trip to RM 90 @_@"
For your info, we didn't even bathe when we reached on Friday night.
We went straight for firefly! Check out the t-shirt we wore o_O"
虾膏饭 in the morning market in Pasir Penanmbang! :)
Yum! with the sambal!
Actually, i quite like Firefly Park Resort :)
Then, we headed to Sekinchan, around 1/2 hour drive from Kuala Selangor :) So, finally we got to see the real paddy field :) Love the greens and the sky! It was scorching hot but the sky somehow filled with bit and pieces of gloomy clouds :)

Very first group photo =)
It's quite challenging for a short hand person to snap a group of six.
Then, we headed to Fish Village :) Nth special but smelly.
We never felt a single second of hunger. Kept on feeding ourselves with good food. Lunch was covered with seafood, eg, shark porridge (plain soup and spicy styles)
Very interesting dish: Spicy fried shrimps! Fresh!
Kung bo Sotong! :D Yummy!
Big kid (Amy) was playing bubbles :)
Fatt Mee bought us bubble stick for this trip purpose!
We went to Bukit Malawati in Kuala Selangor in the evening after the rain :)
Met many of our ancestors in black and brown. Mostly in blacks :D
Lighthouse on the hill- Historical heritage
Have you seen Malaysian version of Spice Girls? Here they are... XD
I like this group photo lots :)
It was windy and happy.
Then, we headed to Jeram for Ikan Bakar, namely Aroma Ikan Bakar. It is a huge place to makan ikan bakar, operated by malays. Very affordable to have seafood here.
On the last day morning, we had our own sharing session. On and off we did have our programme on our own for bonding purpose, which include self-discovery and get to know each other more. So, that particular morning, we shared our view on ourselves and our job. We also drew on the stones for each of us as a form of encouragement that never fade.
So concentrate except Ker Shin =X

Before heading back to KL, we went to Klang for Bakuteh. I must say this is the most delicious one by far. The dried and the soup ones :D
I believe it must be a momentous trip for me because it is our first time spending 3 days 2 nights together as a team out of office. More to come, i hope! :)

Wednesday, December 7

Krabi Island

It was such a relaxing 5 days 4 nights trip to Krabi Island. It's amazing how we can make this trip an eventful one. I simply couldn't comprehend the blueness of the sea. I could see the contours of blues when i first reached the Monkey Island. We did many island hopping, visited numerous islands, did snorkeling, walking a lot in krabi, pacing on the soft sand, had tomyamful night for every dinner, went for night market for twice, jungle trekking visits and went to some interesting pool and hotspring.

In sum, if you're a nature lover, this can't never be any better place for you to step your feet onto it. You'll definately enjoy every bit of this island with warm hospitality from the thais. Unlike city downtown like Bangkok, if you are not opt for shopping, Krabi will be a great choice for you to relax just to see the blue and the greens :)

i was really excited to touch the sea. It was too blue.

very unique long-tailed boat in Krabi for island hopping purpose =)

We literally walked from island to island by our own feet. It was such a special phenomena where you get to WALK along the tiny beach route to another island in the middle of the ocean during low tide. Well, it's risky, but, i am back safely! =)

I thought i can only see this on tv -.-

We only managed to catch sunset everyday. Haha!

Emerald pool- it was a natural pool, the water... i donno why is it so greenish blue but it was from the mountain. (Jaw's dropped)

Our very first dish in Krabi- papaya salad.

mixture of papaya and other veggie, with shrimps and crabs. Interesting isn't it? :)

My lovely trip companion for this time.

It was really fun to be with them =)

A better quality of tut-tut in Krabi =)

Looked like a toy car to me.

i donno what's its name but it's very ver nice!

it's like a popiah skin with roasted sugar layers in it. You need to roll it on ur own =)

Ananta Burin Resort =)

Me likey!

the pool- no joke! It was so clean!

We bought this tee together- simply because we really love krabi and we left with quite some money. =D
I would want to go back to Krabi. Please call me =)