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Saturday, January 28

a cup of thoughts on Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year- a season where reunion of family and friends that meant more than anything to the Chinese community in Malaysia. More so for the families where all the generation gather. Every member marks down their attendance and get ready to feast in anyway we can :)

This year CNY, as usual, we ate, gathered, chat and laughed. As i grow older, i can feel that families really mean a lot. It doesn't matter about what great dish we're eating, but it's the people that make the dishes and the round table extraordinary. The elderly will always ask the young ones to eat more while the young ones will ask the elderly to eat together, don't just stand there and watch us eat :) How wonderful the scene is, isn't it?

As an easterners, especially Chinese, we do not know how to express emotion/feeling openly. We close ourselves up. Sometimes, we can only show actions. That's how it is. Chinese use a lot of reverse psychology too. When they said this is not good enough, they actually just want us to be better. Well, maybe we are in such culture that we are never good. Haha! Hmmm, this shall leave to my generation to give it a lil change.

Every family has story to tell. We play our own manuscript. What i want to say is that only family can provide unconditional love. There's nothing called trading of love. I believe i am blessed. Relatively, i am blessed with a good family. Parents love us unconditionally. They provide anything they can. I hope one day, i'll be able to contribute in anyway i can too because i believe it's time to do something about it.

There are few lessons learned in 2012 CNY. It was an emotional rush for me too. As i looked back my family and those folks at old folks home, i believe my family members are highly blessed because we never knew that one mandarin orange and a RM2 angpao could mean so much to others. This year round, i learned to be contented in life even more. I learned to love others. I learned that friends can mean so much too because they're my loyal supporters in anywhere they are. I learned that my friends' families also mean a lot because the families too, know us well. The bond and tie can always be strengthen with mutual effort.

As this season draws closer to an end, no matter what it is, family is still a family. Friends are still a good bunch. God gives us a family to love and be loved. God gives us people to love. We gotta cherish it and accept it. As i read a book today, i've also learned that forgiveness is such a beautiful virtue. When we forgive others, we too, forgive ourselves. Give some leeway to people to breathe. All in all, we only can live once. Do not live in the dark because we can alwaysl tilt our heads to see the sun :)

Happy Chinese New Year, folks! :)

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